Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Benefits of Maintaining Your Pavement

When people look at pavement they see something to drive and walk on. As a property owner you see an expense. As a contractor I see trip hazards and possible damage claims.
People are fickle and loyalty is not what it once was. If your parking lot is filled with potholes and navigating them frustrates the driver, they will go somewhere else next time. It is the same with your sidewalks, if they are full of puddles or raised pieces people will not feel secure and frequent another establishment. People want comfort, security and convenience. Many business owners concentrate on these things once the customer is through the door.
As a property owner or manager you should work with an experienced contractor. Your contractor should inspect your pavement annually. This will result in preventative strategies, alternatives and cost projections. This will allow you as the owner/manager to develop a budget and a plan for your pavement maintenance. A reputable contractor will be mindful of your need to work within your budget and work with you to prioritize the work needing to be done.
Preventative maintenance has many benefits to you as the owner/manager. Identifying problems at the early stages ensure they won't become large ones later. By having these inspections done you will be addressing issues and therefore minimizing damage claims, both the frequency and degree of settlements. If there is litigation these inspections and work orders will be invaluable to show due diligence on your part.
An awful looking parking lot will not encourage customers to come into your business and this will cost you money in lost revenue. Dangerous pavement will cost you in lawsuits. Budgeting for pavement maintenance is a low cost alternative.

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